National Disability Insurance Scheme

Physio@home is a registered organisation with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Physio@home provides a range of services to NDIS patients at the convenience of their own home, care facility, gym or hydrotherapy pool.

 Our therapists are experienced in the treatment of many complex injuries / disabilities including;

  •  Spinal cord injuries

  • Neurological disabilities (cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, strokes, motor neuron disease)

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Acquired brain injuries

  • Physical disabilities (amputations, post-surgical)

Physio@home provides treatments that are individualised, goal focused and centred around functional outcomes for the patient. Physio@home provides a broad range of treatments including;

  • Muscle strengthening, stretching and joint range of motion

  • Sitting balance, standing balance & falls prevention

  • Gait retraining and progression

  • Chest physiotherapy & deep breathing exercises

  • Prescription of mobility aid, wheelchairs or home equipment

  • Functional exercises to maintain / regain independence

  • Hydrotherapy

Physio@home can help you through the NDIS application process, including assisting you with;

  • Finding out your NDIS plan details and availability of funding for physiotherapy services

  • Contacting your NDIS case coordinator to gain approval for physiotherapy services to achieve goals outlined in your NDIS plan

  • Setting up a service agreement with yourself / family

  • Reviewing your progression and providing progress updates to family and to your NDIS case coordinator


If you want more information about physiotherapy treatment under NDIS, visit NDIS.gov.au, call 1300139229 or email us with your enquiry.